Specialist for electronics production Dipl.-Ing. MBM Uwe Filor


Are you planning to purchase capital goods?

In order to invest in a company the optimal machine, far-reaching innovative considerations and well-founded analyses are required. “Human resources” or skilled workers are often not available or entrusted with other tasks.

We relieve you of time, so that you can devote yourself better to your core business.

What if you had a reliable partner who would be able to advise you personally and competently? To whom you could hand everything over, like an architect?

We have been working in the field of electronic machines for more than 25 years. We attach particular importance to the fact that we are “no” dealers. We have extensive experience and competence, talk to us.



Needs analysis

A project has a chance of success, especially if its product can meet a concrete need. Especially for large projects, or if the customer’s needs are still unclear, it is therefore advisable to carry out a needs analysis in the run-up to the project. A comparison is made between the actual and the target state.



Specification book

We draw up a specification sheet for the entirety of your requirements for the production plant with regard to delivery and services. We try to formulate the requirements as generally as possible and as restrictively as necessary. This enables the contractor to develop optimal solutions without being restricted in his solution competence by too concrete requirements.
Within the framework of the contract for work and services and the formal acceptance procedure, the specifications describe precisely the verifiable services and deliveries.

An essential difference to a requirement specification is that the requirement specification belongs to the customer. The specifications are the property of the contractor. A requirement specification describes in concrete form how the contractor intends to solve the requirements in the requirement specification



Offer comparisons

In the offer comparisons we compile a decision matrix for you. This includes not only the technical comparison but also the economic comparison and the comparison of the company structures of the provider



You want to know where you stand in comparison to your competitors? Where do you stand in relation to your competitors?

Benchmarking is a good way to do this. Benchmarking is a competitive analysis tool designed to determine, monitor and improve a company’s market position


Trials and evaluation

In order to put your plants through their paces, we offer extensive test series, evaluations and detailed documentation of the technical and productive facts


Machine acceptance test

The acceptance of production machines is the examination of the promised technical data under real production conditions.


The service of our company consists in comparing the actual state with the target state. Deviating points are noted and forwarded to the post-processing department.




Test run and production start-up

The all-round service of Electronic Machines begins with the needs analysis and ends with the start of production with technical support over an agreed period of time.